Distilleria Schiavo

Distilleria Schiavo

Lessico della grappa

spirit made from fermented and distilled pressed grapes directly through water vapour (Regulation n° 1576/89 European Union).

heating process that separates and condensates vapors of released substances with different consistency.

Pressed grapes
grape skins that are separated from must or wine.

generic name that is given to drinks of high alcoholic contents and that are produced from distillation of alcoholic raw materials such as:
• from wine : brandy, cognac, armagnac
• from pressed grapes : grappa
• from sugar cane syrup : rhum
• from cereals : whisky, vodka, bourbon

attrezzatura adatta per trasformare un liquido in vapore e in seguito ricondensarlo. L’ alambicco più elementare è costituito da una fonte di calore, una caldaia chiusa in cui si pone il liquido, un collettore che convoglia i vapori in un refrigerante che li condensa.

equipment used to transform liquids into steam which is then recondensed. The basic still consists in a heating source, a cauldron in which the liquid is placed, a collector that directs steam in a refrigerating system which then condensates the steam.

Heating process
time needed to load, to distil and unload pressed grapes.

First extract of spirit made from distillation. This substances is rich in components and alcohols that can be dangerous to health (methanol, ethanol) and must be rejected.

Pure extract of spirit that is made after eliminating the heads and before turning into scraps. This extract will be used to produce the final product.

Final extract deriving from distillation rich in essential oils and unpleasant substances that will be refined in future distillation processes.

il Trisavolo Domenico, Il Bisnonno Giuseppe, il nonno Guido