Anno Decimo Prugna Liquore

Taken from Grandfather Guido old recipe book, mastered with a modern twist we offer one of sweet liqueur worship of Vicenza, the city of Palladio. Delicious straight, frozen, or "on the rocks".
Add it in the dough when baking a cake, try it on your Italian caffè corretto or top your favourite vanilla ice-cream. Perfect for those who love the old style sweet liqueur…

Serving Suggestion

Straight, or "on the rocks": 2/3 ice with 1/3 Prugna.
Prugna - Tonic: stir 2/3 Prugna with 1/3 tonic water, add a slice of lemon. Prugna - Ginger Ale: stir 2/3 Prugna with 1/3 ginger ale, add a slice of orange.. 

Technical Data

 Alc. 38% vol. - ml. 700 - h. cm 31

Temperatura di servizio

14-16° C.



 Dark amber with hints of orange.


 Sweet and winding, with hints of almond amaretto.


 Notes of almond, fruity with hints of amaretto.

Overall Sensations

Remind a fruit-candy with sparkles of plum slivovitz.