Control of the Production

Our exclusive selection among main wine producers of high quality, fermented pressed grapes (various mass distribution companies often choose non fermented pressed grapes, which can be purchased at lower prices because they are inferior in quality);
Our precise accuracy and awareness in every distillation phase;

Our high standard of control after the production phase;

Settlement of the distillate in steel barrels for a period of at least 8 months. During this time, all of the aromatic components that were previously separated during the distillation process, blend again, thus giving a sophisticated aroma and fragrance to the grappa. The ageing process is considered a strong point and is what allows the Company to make the difference on the market by producing a distillate that is hardly imitable by competitors.

The Schiavo brand is advertised on major magazines and is recognized by many top cuisine gurus. We will continue, as tradition has taught us, to follow the same production process that has allowed us to provide our clientele with the highest quality product. Nothing is more rewarding than 100% customer satisfaction during our process and especially after tasting our home-made product.