The Company today

Just as in the past years, it takes the present distilleries one and a half hours to produce just 30 litres of grappa at max volume (75%-80% vol). Approximately 700 kg of pressed grapes (equivalent to one batch) are used. It is a must for the company to proceed cautiously during production.

It is also essential to use the utmost awareness and accuracy in every phase. This will add surplus to the product, thus making a noticeable difference in quality when compared to similar products on the market.

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A step in Quality

Once the Company had been provided with innovative technology the family was able to concentrate and lean more towards the quality of the product versus the quantity.

Giuseppe, Guido’s son, marked a great step towards higher quality and innovation using fresh refuse of grapes.

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The Root

The history of the Schiavo family draws its origins back to the 17th century. Domenico Schiavo, real-estate dealer, began to travel with his mobile still through the farms of Costabissara becoming the first door to door distiller.

The real-estate of the Schiavo family can be viewed on a map of the Serenissima Repubblica Veneta of Costa Fabbrica now named Costabissara.

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