Amaro Felsina

From an antique recipe of the House of Schiavo, rediscovered in this 19th century liqueur, when serveded as a aperitif or at the end of a meal, bestows a memory of that “Belle Epoque”.

Serving Suggestion

 Straight, or “on the rocks”: 2/3 ice with 1/3 Amaro. Great frozen. Fantastic to correct the Spritz

Technical Data

 Alc. 28% vol. - ml. 700 - h. cm 31

Temperatura di servizio

-20°/ 4° C.



 Dark amber with hints of orange.


 Bitter, enveloping, with hints of herbs and sweet finish.


 Notes of sweet orange, bitter orange, gentian,  liquorice and rhubarb.

Overall Sensations

Remind candies with alpine herbs and orange.